Our ON CAMERA Scene Study Class is a 4 week track that will cover comedies as well as dramas from current film and television projects. Actors will work ON CAMERA with their partners as we cover emotional choices, blocking, continuity and acting for camera angles. 

Goals for this class -- Partnered class geared towards preparing you for ON SET work. This is a combination of developing the material you are given and the technical aspects of scene work on set. We also aim to provide an AFFORDABLE option for actors interested in working with other actors on a variety of scenes and ongoing training.


4 weeks

Classes begin Tues August 8th @ 5:30pm

$145 per student (compare at $200/mo)

Ages 16+

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SCENE STUDY AUGUST 2017 - 4 weeks Tuesdays @ 5:30pm age 16+

Price: $145.00
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